We motivate talents to grow professionally and solve enterprise-level riddles.

For each of our projects, we try to involve only the high-end software developers and engineers, who can share their outstanding skills and unique knowledge with others to make powerful, innovative solutions at the most efficiency.

Discover the basics of the onboarding process and the reasons for joining our team below.

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How To Get Onboard

To join the Jelvix team, each candidate must complete a screening process conducted by our HR department, which usually takes between 2-5 weeks. During this period, our managers analyze their hard and soft skills, perspectives of development, and personal qualities. Additionally, through the onboarding process, Jelvix experts can also help in creating an individual development plan, aimed to uncover their full potential in the chosen field.

  1. step 1

    Personality & Values

    In the first stage, our recruiters hop on a call with a candidate to understand his/her personality better. It covers evaluating language proficiency, communication skills, desire to grow, and ability to work solo and in teams. This enables getting passionate candidates who are ready to engage in the project from day one.

  2. step 2

    Comprehensive Skill Review

    We check the technical expertise of our potential employees through a diverse range of assessments. Typically, it includes reviewing their skill set, experience, project background, and other specific hard and soft skills, which helps to define the advanced experts that are ideally fit for the specific job opening at Jelvix.

  3. step 3

    Live Screening

    Candidates who have passed the first and second phases are then interviewed online or in person by Jelvix screeners with decent expertise within a certain tech field. At this stage, our screeners can provide life exercises to evaluate the candidate’s problem-solving skills, depth of experience, critical thinking, and creativity.

  4. step 4

    Test Project

    After the interview, each candidate receives a test project to showcase their knowledge and potential as a tech expert within real-world scenarios. The test projects take 1-3 weeks and can demonstrate the competence of selected candidates, as well as reveal their full potential in certain job positions.

  5. step 5

    Path to Excellence

    In the final stage, the applicants are informed about the results of the screening process. Along with the job offer, Jelvix screeners provide a personalized development plan for each employee. This enables efficient progress tracking and recording personal achievements across different projects delivered.

Why Work at Jelvix?

With Jelvix, you’ll get diverse opportunities to be challenged professionally and personally. Find out what benefits you can get once you join our dedicated team.

  • Work-life Balance

    Work-life Balance

    We trust our people! Here you can focus on your results, not your tracker - there isn't one. Our experience proved the best encouragement is freedom. You can choose your schedule and work remotely and support a perfect work-life balance. We respect your privacy and personal space, but if you are interested - you are welcome to join us in online trainings, all-hands meetings, English lessons, and other activities.

  • Diverse Projects

    Diverse Projects

    We are healthcare, retail, and financial software development experts. We solve enterprise-level riddles creatively and are not afraid of challenges. As an outsource software development company, we cooperate with top businesses in different niches. You will get the experience and expertise valued on the market and keep your skillset at pace with the latest technology trends.

  • Growth Is the Key

    Growth Is the Key

    We share knowledge and stay motivated. The development of the staff is the company's development, so we support our employees in their ambitions. Jelvix employees have a yearly development plan, educational budget, and access to the corporate learning system. You can also get certifications and courses fees covered by the company.

  • Productive Environment

    Productive Environment

    Jelvix is more than just a company. It is a community that welcomes only those members who share our values and take business processes to the next level. There is no bureaucracy or micromanagement. Instead, we enhance creativity and nourish our team members' growth. If you got any concerns - we are here to support you!

What We Offer

Searching for the ideal job to be challenged professionally and personally? Get the chance to work with high-end IT professionals that create innovative solutions for any business and benefit from the following perks:

  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Days Off & Sick Leaves
  • Health Program
  • English Classes
  • Corporate Learning System
  • Courses & Certifications
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Work with us from anywhere
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