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Why Work at Jelvix?

At Jelvix, we believe the key to success starts with providing the best value to our employees. So, by choosing our company, you’re guaranteed to get the following perks that would allow you to uncover your full potential.

  • Flexible Work Schedule

    Flexible Work Schedule

    Acquire a personalized schedule, so you can work when you are the most productive.

  • Days Off & Sick Leaves

    Days Off & Sick Leaves

    Get 20 days off and 5 sick days reimbursed annually and benefit from a great work-life balance.

  • Health Program

    Health Program

    Obtain reimbursement for sports or massage to maintain your mental and physical well-being.

  • English Classes

    English Classes

    Improve your foreign language proficiency and communication skills with free-of-charge classes.

  • Corporate Learning System

    Corporate Learning System

    Access a large knowledge base with a scheduled purchase of new literature to boost your expertise.

  • Courses & Certifications

    Courses & Certifications

    Get compensation for external courses, conferences, or certification after your Adaptation period.

  • Individual Development Plans

    Individual Development Plans

    Receive the Yearly Individual Development Plan to build a lucrative and enjoyable career path.

  • Work with us from anywhere

    Work with us from anywhere

    Become a part of the global network of talent numbering more than XX people in XX+ countries.

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